Professional Website Design in Michigan

We specialize in creating custom website solutions that are mobile friendly, lead generating and built around your budget.

Blue Winds Media works with small business clients looking for a professional website design in Michigan. We help our clients drive leads to their website and convert those leads into paying customers.

We offer services such as Website Design, Managed WordPress Hosting, Paid Search Advertising and Search Engine Optimization.

We Build Mobile Optimized Websites

Smartphone usage is on the rise – meaning your website needs to be 100% mobile responsive. Here at Blue Winds Media, we focus on a mobile-first design, meaning we optimize the website to work correctly on desktop, smartphone and table devices.

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5 Star Client Testimonials

Blue Winds Media is so helpful and knowlegable. And very affordable. I get all my Wordpress needs met every time.
They got right to work on my website, troubleshooting some complicated issues and speeding up the site considerably. Most importantly, they took the time to understand my goals, and they worked on them specifically. I can't tell you how many times other companies would only half-listen and end up wasting time on some other issue. But Blue Winds Media focused on the goal and were worth every penny. I fully intend to hire them again.
Austin was great with being informative and understanding the difficulty of our project. He was prompt with replying to emails/calls and being efficient overall. Highly recommend it to start-ups, small businesses and those looking for a local cheaper alternative compared to hiring an expensive firm.
Blue Winds Media is so helpful and knowlegable. And very affordable. I get all my Wordpress needs met every time.
This is an updated review from when I originally gave Austin and Blue Winds Media a 5 star review. At the beginning things were great once Austin and his team completed the site. In the months following, our site started running into problems partly caused by Austin and his team. Our site was using Stripe to process payments for our marketplace. It was setup using Tokenization and a custom payment method form which relied solely Stripe radar to prevent fraud and didn't take advantage of 3D secure or other fraud prevention measures. Soon the chargebacks started rolling in on items that had already been shipped. This amounted to us losing over 7 thousand dollars on items which had already been shipped but we had to refund. These chargebacks resulted in Stripe closing our account and leaving us to find another payment processor which only adds to the money we've lost due to the downtime(I want to be clear I am not blaming this entirely on Blue Winds Media as we could have instructed them to beef up security, but not being a web developer and processing many payments before we expected Austin and Blue Winds Media to do things the right way). It has been about 2.5 months since our site has been up and Blue Winds Media has continued to charge the monthly care plan, which is on top of the monthly services we are already paying for the site. It's been almost over a month of them working to implement new payment gateways which we had given them. Overall my experience continues to get worse and worse as time passes. Austin prefers to communicate via email which I understand, but some things are better discussed over the phone and most of the time when I call nobody answers. I will update this review as time progresses. I hope Austin and his team can find a way to make this right, maybe this review will help.
Blue Winds Media has been nothing but professional, efficient and effective. We've been working with him for the last 5 years now. For those of us who are not tech savvy, Austin has been able to take my ideas and put them online. There are many people out there who take advantage of small business owners just trying to get their information out there and Austin is the opposite. He is quick with requests and makes sure you've approved it prior to going live. He can handle whatever you give him.
We are very happy with the service we receive from Blue Winds Media. Our thanks goes to Austin who is a terrific technician and who is " fast and furious" in responding to our needs :-). We very much appreciate that he cares. Than you Austin!!!!!
Great company I am glad I decided to book with them. They had very reasonable prices and were able to meet the demands I had, and made my site look exactly how I wanted and then some. The only negative was when the transition was made to the new site platform, all of the images were lost for each post. I had to go back in and upload each picture which was a bit time consuming. I would definitely book with them again.
Blue Winds Media assisted me with my company's new website. What I really liked was not only the technical creativeness but the responsiveness to changes/alterations. I spent a lot of time investigating companies without question I made the right choice. I will continue to use Blue Winds Media in the future.
I have to give Blue Winds Media a solid 5 star rate because their service is excellent, our website design is truly beautiful and what I particularly am more grateful for is for the Technical Support Service. Always on time, fast respond and super easy instructions for a non-technical savvy staff. I highly recommend their service.
Austin from the beginning has exceeded all of my expectations and gave me a beautiful web page! He was prompt with answering all my concerns and any changes I had along the way. I am very pleased with the quality of work and the professionalism that Blue Winds Media exhibits in every facet of their work!
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