Advantages of Using WordPress Web Design Services

Do you know the name of the framework running your company’s website? More than 60 Million website owners use WordPress, making it the most popular content management system (CRM) on the internet. Moreover, because the software is free and open source, WordPress web design services are often a more economical choice than building a site from top to bottom.

Advantages of using WordPress for website design:

It’s Free

Without using an out-of-the-box content management system to generate your website, businesses have basically two choices: designers building static, coded pages or creating a content management framework from scratch. WordPress is an open source solution. This means it is free to use, copy, and change to meet your needs.


Themes allow designers to change the look and feel of a website without affecting your content or the health of the site. Designers are not charging your business to build a backend framework, user interface, or a content delivery system. WordPress web design services solely focus on modifying appearance and adding functionality.


At times, there are advantages to using WordPress web design services to build additional website functionality. However, often plugins provide additional features and functions in a way that is free or low-cost, and easy to install. There are over 43,600 plugins currently available including features such as added security, social media integration, and analytics.


WordPress was first released in 2003. Since this time, hundreds of engineers and programmers have worked tirelessly to enhance the software, fix bugs and glitches, and patch security holes. There are no hidden costs. All these regular updates are free of charge. Imagine the cost of having a website designer working continuously to update and improve your website’s framework.

Easy to Use

There are many businesses out there paying a designer to make content changes. They have no management or content system. WordPress provides a common user interface. Adding pages and posts is as easy as creating a document in a word processor. WordPress web design services focus solely on design and function, and one is not paying for content updates.

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