Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress solutions to update, backup, secure and monitor your WordPress website. We focus on your site while you run your business.

WordPress Updates

WordPress and the installed plugins need to be updated on a regular basis to prevent hackers and malware.

Expert WordPress Support

If you have trouble with your website, submit a ticket to our help desk and we’ll be there to help.

Managed Hosting

All of our Website Care Plans include hosting on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that’s optimized specifically for WordPress.

Server-Side Caching

Our VPS hosting plans are optimized with server-side caching which allows for a fast-loading and secure website.

24/7 Malware Monitoring

Our servers utilize software that protects your website from malware and other malicious threads 24/7.

Nightly Backups

We backup your website every night to an off-site server on the Amazon S3 cloud platform. 

Monthly Service Time

All of our Website Care Plans include a dedicated amount of time that can be used for content changes and updates.

Monthly Reports

We send monthly reports to all clients that show monthly traffic, page speed and all updates that were installed that month.

SSL Certificate

We include SSL with all plans so your visitors can feel safe. Google recommends SSL for increased search rankings.

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