Responsive Design VS Adaptive Delivery: What’s best?

||Responsive Design VS Adaptive Delivery: What’s best?

Responsive Design VS Adaptive Delivery: What’s best?

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While the whole world sits and talks about the way in which responsive website design is the future of internet marketing, there is one important thing that is being missed by everyone. This thing is known as page load time. Akamai suggests that more than 57 percent of the users are missing out on the retail webpages because they are taking too much time to load. The users finally give up on the website and hardly ever look at them again.

We already know that users have a very short attention span and they want everything to load as soon as possible. If there is any webpage that takes more than 3 seconds to load, the users simply move on to something else. This attention span is also shrinking by the day and the users are becoming more impatient about the page load time. Slow websites are simply out of the equation. But what has responsive web design got to do with the page load time of a website?

When a website is designed to be mobile responsive, it often includes a number of codes. These codes need to be run every single time a user loads a page. However, as the number of codes is nowhere near small, it is quite possible that the website takes a little longer to load. These codes are designed to fit according to mobiles, tablets and desktop and almost any other types of devices as well. The legacy desktop websites will take less time as it simply loads the website layout and it is up to the user to keep scrolling and finding the items he is looking for.

A new technology called Adaptive Delivery has become common these days. In this case, the technology would be assessing the kind of device and will then load a different batch of CSS and HTML that will suit the device. It would only be loading the mobile website assets on the website which will reduce the overall load times. Which method is right for your company?

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